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Preparing for a Move

May 22 2016

If moving home is in the pipeline you have come to the right place! In this post we will outline some of the common experiences and feelings of movers from our first hand experience.

On average, people move approximately 9 times in their lifetime. This figure does vary considerably with income, age and other variables, however you can be pretty certain that you will experience a number of moves over your lifespan.

In spite of moving being a downright horrendous experience for many, it is something that we will all undertake, and many of us will do so time and time again. The torture of sorting through all of your belongings, packing up literally everything you own, moving all of this stuff into trucks, unloading it, unpacking it, rehoming it and finally settling down again, takes a significant toll. Requiring optimum planning, organisation and undivided attention, the process of moving is all-consuming.

Moving home goes hand-in-hand with acquiring and using a self storage unit, we have experienced countless movers during our time in both Dublin and Limerick and we have picked up on exactly what many movers get bogged down by. Time and time again we meet the same predicaments and worries. We have gathered this knowledge over years and would like to bring you some of the messages so often conveyed to us as well as some handy hacks for your move!


There are many aspects of moving that we can all relate to, namely the stress of it all. One word associated with moving home, time and time again is stress. And without doubt it is stressful, the third most stressful thing you may encounter in your lifetime after divorce and death of a significant other as claimed by many researchers. Moving house goes hand in hand with finance and accounting problems, from borrowing, mortgaging and purchasing a home to selling your last place. It’s the one thing that movers are guaranteed to say when they show up at our place, and there are many many causes. One thing we have seen over the years is that impeccable organisation of your items to be moved really does alleviate a proportion of this stress. We have already detailed a whole host of tips and tricks for organising as well as addressing stress management throughout your move so why not check these out here.

So much will go wrong. Boxes will tear, boxes will be forgotten, the truckloads will never seem to end, friends and family will let you down last minute. These things are inevitable. It will not run smoothly! But if the time is right and the place is right it is bound to be a rewarding experience.

We have said it before and will say it here again – organisation is key!


In a recent survey of movers, half of those questioned advised having a takeaway meal lined up for the night you move while almost a third said keeping a chilled bottle of wine or beer in the fridge would make the move more manageable. It’s the little things! And certainly extras that you may not think of.

We have discovered some really helpful hacks for your move. These are really great, really easy and really practical. They are not obvious and are clearly based on the experiences of people who have moved. Our customers are constantly coming up with really nifty tricks during their moves. Here are a few that we loved and want to share with you:

Cut holes in the sides of cardboard boxes to make them easier to carry.

Use drawers to transport things.

Take photos of energy meter readings to avoid being overcharged.

Take pictures of wire fittings on electronic equipment, such as computers, will also help you set them up properly in your new home.

Best of luck with your move. Remember Storage World is always here to help when you’re moving house!