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Safeguarding your Valuables

Jun 29 2015

Going on a holiday? Moving to your second home for the summer months? If you and your family are lucky enough to be relocating to sunnier shores, leave the worry and anxiety of your left behind valuables at home!

Locking up your home and abandoning it for weeks to months may be daunting for a home owner. Leaving it as a target for intruders.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, a lock and key often isn’t enough to keep intruders out. We have put together some Do’s and Don’t’s when vacating your home. Keep reading for secret storage spots and tricks for your valuables, muting your Facebook updates and moving valuables off-site.

Secret Storage Spots:

The average burglar spends just 8-12 minutes in a home. Having your valuables safely placed could be the difference between a burglar taking something or taking everything.

The first room a burglar is most likely to target is the master bedroom – where jewellery, cash and safety deposit boxes are usually kept, followed by the living room and home office for easy to remove electronics.

That leaves the kitchen, hallway, bathroom and laundry rooms as safer places to stow away valuables.

The following are some examples of clever hiding spaces that you can make yourself, there are also many online websites selling and installing cunning security traps:

Faux air vents: if your’s is a new build, you should consider incorporating some safety hatches. A faux air vent that can be removed with space to hide things behind is unlikely to catch a burglar’s attention.

Bedroom mirrors: which are actually wall-installed medicine cabinet-like storage units. Highly unlikely a burglar will be looking behind mirrors in search of valuables.

Diversion safes: pantry items and cleaning supplies – false containers in the kitchen cupboard, under the sink, mixed in with other cleaning supply or food containers. Very clever way to hide important items.

Secret safe books: hollow book safes are easily available online, and can be slotted amongst other books on bookshelves or on coffee tables.

In the garage stored in boxes marked with mundane labels such as “Kid’s clothes”, “Christmas ornaments”. These aren’t going to catch the eye of an intruder.

The most expensive head of lettuce you’ll ever buy! – When looking online we came across a plastic, yet extremely realistic head of lettuce that rests unassuming in your fridge for $99!– probably the last place a burglar would ever look! A cheaper idea may be to wrap valuables in aluminium foil and place in the back of the fridge or freezer. This is also a good place to store paper money and currency safe from house fire.


Mute your Facebook Life:

Although it may be increasing difficult in 2015, to keep your life to yourself, consider the dangers of sharing constant location updates online.

Sharing your location and status updates at airports as you’re about to jet off are a big NO-NO! Intruders target homes that they know are empty for the coming few days to weeks.

Save the pictures until you’re back in your home…. And let’s face it – nobody really cares anyway!


Self Storage Unit:

Consider renting a self storage unit for your valuables while you are away. Valuables of all shapes and sizes, jewellery, electronics, paintings or important documents, can be left in storage until your return and will be looked after and guarded constantly.

All things are safe and secure in a self storage unit. Alleviates doubt and worry as you relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun and take peace of mind in 24-hour CCTV cameras and intruder alarms.