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Simple Electricity-Saving Options for Your Home

Dec 15 2015

Here at StorageWorld, we’re all about saving! Whether it’s saving space in your home with a self storage unit or saving money in your household we have all the tips!

The following piece focuses on tips for saving money on your electricity bills! No doubt those extra euros could be well spent this Christmas!


-Switch to energy-saving lightbulbs. They last longer and will save you on your electricity bills.

-It may sound obvious, but dressing in the right fabrics will save on heating bills. Wearing wool and having some blankets around for winter may allow you to drop the thermostat a little. Did you know that every degree above 20 degrees Celsius has the potential to add 10% to your home heating bill?!

-If there is an area of the house that you don’t regularly use, like a guest bedroom or dining room for example, shut the doors and don’t heat the area when you are not using it. It is expensive to heat the whole house, so try heating just the rooms that you regularly use.

Close curtains in the early evening to keep heat in. Ideally curtains should fall to the floor and cover the entire window.

Block draughts under doors and around windows to prevent heat from escaping!

-Washing your clothes using cold water can save you upwards of 100euro per year on your electricity bill! And unless your garments are heavily soiled, cold water will wash them just fine. Wait until you have a full load and choose the shortest appropriate setting on your washing machine.

-Save energy in your kitchen: thaw frozen food in your fridge to reduce cooking time. When you are cooking, use the microwave when you can – it uses much less energy than an electric oven. If you use the stove, keep lids on your pots to reduce cooking time. Use the economy cycle on your dishwasher and only run it when it’s full.

-The fridge is one of your most expensive appliances as it is always on! Make sure that your door is sealed tight so that cold air cannot escape. If your fridge door isn’t sealed properly it will use more energy than it needs to. The ideal fridge temperature is 4 or 5 degrees.

-Up to 10% of your electricity bill may be spent on gadgets on standby! Did you know your phone charger is still using energy even when your phone is not attached? Be diligent about gadget and appliances, such as TVs and microwaves that remain on standby when plugged in.

For all your unused appliances, a StorageWorld self storage unit is the perfect place to store them until they may be used again! If you’re having trouble fitting everything in your home this Christmas period, offload some of your household items to the safe hands of us here at StorageWorld. An affordable way to make space in your home and your items can be collected whenever is convenient for you!