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Sleep Easy

Nov 08 2015

Although not the nicest part of the self storage business, as a fact of life, there are a number of our customers who come to us in times of distress.

It may be because a family member has been struck down with illness and is no longer living in their home, or a deceased parent or grandparent who has left behind a home full of belongings. Homes destroyed by flooding or fire or in danger of pyrite destruction, and require immediate refurbishments. Whatever the reason, there may come a time when you are faced with a home full of stuff that needs to be relocated.


Events like these leave little time for planning or preparation. They are never expected and come as a shock and a struggle for families across the country. It is good to know what services are out there to help in these incidences.

Self storage is probably not something that the vast majority of people would associate with times of trouble. It is something you only use when you need, but often this time comes when you may least expect it. Having to vacate a home is distressing. Leaving personal belongings often with significant sentimental value attached is difficult.

Finding somewhere to house yourself and your family when left without a roof over your head is hard enough without having to worry about the security of your valuables.

At a very affordable cost, a self storage unit provides safety and security to your belongings, allowing you peace of mind until you get back on your feet.

There is easy access to our storage units at our city centre location with free onsite parking and hands-on staff to help you unload your things and get them to your unit.

Our units can be accessed at all daytime hours, so you can collect your things whenever you are ready.

Safety is a priority here, we ensure all your items are safe and secure with 24-hour CCTV and burglar alarm systems.

One little thing off your mind while in the midst of a major emergency. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your belongings can be taken care of, starting with the click of a button by getting an online quote from our website.