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Smart Approach to Business Storage

Jan 30 2016

Any business owner who rents or owns can see the value in storing records or stock in a location that charges lower rent than the same space would in his/her own office building. There is always the necessity for file and stock storage, resulting in much of your expensive office space to be occupied by redundant boxes and packages. For this reason, business-owners struggling with space for files and paperwork, in Ireland and abroad, are increasingly adopting business storage, i.e. self storage units dedicated to keeping the overflow stock and  records in a safe, offsite space.


Business Storage Advantages

The key reason why renting self storage units to keep business files and stock represents a no-brainer is its ridiculous cost-effectiveness. Other advantages of business storage rental include:

  • Files and overflow stock will not be clogging up valuable space in your office
  • Price per metre squared of self storage is infinitely cheaper than cost per metre squared of office space
  • You pay only for what you need. You can upsize or down size your units as you desire as there are no longterm lease commitments
  • Downsizing and upscaling are easy with self storage
  • Offsite storage protects your valuable documents in case of fire

Implementing an offsite storage policy will free up or reduce your need for high cost office space, saving your business money or creating room for equipment in the office or even desk space for a new employee.

Your office space is better used to generate income than for storage!

For field reps or merchandisers, a self storage unit is a great idea for storage of your samples and merchandise. It provides protection for your products and prevents clutter of your home or office.

What can be stored in business storage units

Units can be used for files and paperwork but also for excess stock, furniture, stationary as well as:

  • Point of sales equipment
  • Small business stock overflow
  • Seasonal stock, e.g. Christmas stock storage
  • Home office storage
  • Trade business storage: plumbers, painters, carpenters.