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Smart Approach to Business Storage

Jun 14 2015

Self storage for your business: save space and money! 

A business owner who rents or owns a premises knows the importance in enhancing this valuable space for optimum business productivity. There is always, however, the necessity for file and stock storage, resulting in much of your expensive office space to be made redundant by boxes of files and records.

Ever thought of storing this inert business material offsite? You could store this stuff at a location that charges lower rent than the same space would in an office building or in a warehouse – it seems like a no-brainer!

Various business scenarios have the potential to benefit from the use of a self storage facility:

-Point of sales equipment

-Small business stock overflow

-Seasonal stock storage, eg Christmas stock

-Home office storage

-Trade business storage: plumbers, painters, carpenters


Why it makes sense:

-Renting a self storage unit is a cost effective way of storing documents and files

-Your files are on hand and easily accessible whenever they are needed.

-Paperwork and overflow stock is not clogging up space at the office.

-On comparison, price per metre squared of self storage is infinitely cheaper than cost per metre squared of office space.


It is difficult to justify the use of onsite office storage for all but current files. Be savvy and reduce your office footprint!

Implementing an offsite storage policy will free up or reduce high cost office space, saving your business money and creating room for more productive use of the space.

Your office space is better used to generate income than for storage! That’s what a storage facility is for!

For field reps or merchandisers, a self storage unit is a great idea for storage of your samples and merchandise. It provides protection for your product and prevents clutter of your home or office.

If you’re working from home, don’t let your extensive paperwork collection invade your living space! A tidy and efficient workspace improves productivity.



-You pay only for what you need. You can upsize or down size your units as you desire as there are no longterm lease commitments.

-Units can be used for excess stock, furniture, stationary, etc as well as files and documents.

-Downsizing and upscaling your business are easy with self storage.

-Offsite storage protects your valuable documents in case of fire.


If you’re a business owner I’m sure you’re asking yourself why you have never thought of this before! It makes a lot of sense and it may be a good option for your business. Why not give it a try!

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