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Sort Out Your Suitcase

Jun 29 2015

suitcaseWith the name of the game being storage, we pride ourselves on being experts at organisation! And organisation for all situations and circumstances at that!

Are you heading away for a summer break? Is packing a nightmare for you? Wrestling with the zip of your suitcase at the last minute due to your overflow of items – seriously stressful and not a good start to your holiday!

Here are 6 easy steps from your organisation experts on how to pack your suitcase efficiently and neatly, so you can optimize your suitcase space, as well as being able to find everything when you arrive and avoiding nasty overweight baggage charges! Just follow these simple steps for a stress free holiday prep!


 1. Roll up your clothes

The golden is rule when it comes to clothes is not to pack too much – squashed clothes are creased clothes.

If you neatly fold them as you would in a dresser they will compress or wrinkle. To avoid wrinkling, tightly and neatly roll your clothes. This workd especially well for lighter clothes, for example cotton tshirts and pajamas. For tops with sleeves, fold the sleeves inwards and then roll from the bottom up.

Rolling also creates a lot more space in your suitcase.

Another option to avoid crinkling of your clothes in your luggage is to fold them together.


2. Stuff your shoes

This savvy trick ensures that every spare space in your luggage is utilised.

Maximize the hollow areas of your shoes by filling them with small miscellaneous items such as electronics and jewellery.

This technique also holds items in place during the journey and prevents damage.


3. Travel size your favourite products

You do not need to bring large tubs of creams and moisturizers for a weekend getaway. Buy travel sized versions to ensure you are more economical with space and weight in your bag. Better still you could buy products you know are easily available when you land. This may not sound economical, but when compared to overweight baggage charges it fares out a whole lot cheaper.

This will saves a ton of space and also spares your arms serious cramps from hauling the excess weight through multiple terminals.

Be sure to place all cosmetics in airtight plastic bags to avoid leakages spreading across your suitcase.


4. Create even layers

When packing, begin with rolled clothes and shoes. Lay shoes on their sides alongside your rolled garments. Place socks to fill the gaps between your shoes.

Layer heavier items of clothing on top: jeans, chinos, skirts, dresses.

Place fragile items, electronics and cosmetics to the top. Ensure they are surrounded by other soft items to avoid damage.


5. Bring only the necessities

Be brutal here. If you’re not 100% sure that you will wear/use this item then it stays out of the case! Too often, people pack weeks worth of items and clothing for weekend getaways. Plan outfits and be realistic with the amount of things you can possibly wear in a certain time period.


6. Keep it safe

Never pack anything you would hate to lose into checked baggage.

Luggage is easily parted from its tag – a good idea is to place another inside the suitcase with contact and flight details.

Lock your luggage – although be careful if travelling to the States as they have special regulations when it comes to luggage locks.

A little proactive planning when it comes to preparing for your holidays will decrease stress and allow for a smooth and enjoyable start to your hard earned getaway.

Remember to leave space on the way out for shopping acquisitions and presents!