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Spruce Up Your Kitchen Storage

Oct 19 2016

Often the heart of the home, and the place where the most time is spent, the kitchen tends to be neglected when it comes to organisation and storage, when in fact it is one of the spaces that could benefit from it the most! In this blog post we will give you lots of advice about kitchen organisation as well as opening your eyes to the flaws in your kitchen.

If you are building a home from scratch it is highly likely that your kitchen will be well laid out and custom made to consider the needs of you and your family. If you are beginning the process of designing a new build then please consider your current kitchen – what works and what doesn’t? Look at the kitchen in your current home from a different perspective, as though you are using it for the first time. Consider what annoys you about it – the layout? The ease of movement? The locations of drawers and cupboards in relation to appliances? Have you noticed anything from friends’ kitchens that work well? If there are areas in your kitchen that bug you, aim to iron these out when designing your dream kitchen – it may take time and it is important to get it right but remember not to skimp on storage space! Pinterest is a great place to look for design ideas when starting from scratch.

If you are looking to upgrade the storage in your current kitchen, it can be more difficult to visualise what can be done. It is very easy to get used to how things are in a space that you spend a lot of time in. It is also very easy to get used to things being broken or tatty looking without realising when you are seeing them everyday, but visitors will be drawn to these areas straight away.  Great idea is to invite a friend or family member with a good sense for visuals to inspect your kitchen space and dissect areas which could be put to better use.

Need more kitchen storage

spruce up your kitchen storage

Storage-wise the kitchen is the most important area in your home to have well organised – the hustle and bustle of family life lends itself to rush and mess so your kitchen should have plenty of ways to soak up this mess! And it’s never going to be enough to encourage the family to get into good habits as often when people are coming and going, mess is hard to avoid. Thankfully, we have some handy tips to improve the appearance of your kitchen as well as helping with storage and mess!

Firstly, the sink area. To encourage a tidy area there must be containers to facilitate this. We recommend having a container for brushes, sponges and gloves right at the sink as it is most likely to be used if visible. Brushes and sponges are less likely to be left strewn in the sink or on the countertop if there is somewhere to put them. Similarly, there should be a draining board for wet dishes as well as a hook for a dish cloth all within close proximity of the sink to ensure efficiency.

Kitchen cupboards can be a minefield when it comes to clutter and mess. First off, we would advise sorting out your food cupboards and checking that all food stuffs, including spices and sauces, are in date and usable. It is bizarre what can be left at the back of a cupboard unnoticed for months and even years! Plastic bins and containers are great for keeping food fresh and also prevent the build-up of half-full packets of food. Get a container for each specific food stuff and label it.

Location, location, location! It’s all about location when attempting to improve storage and mess habits in your kitchen. For example, if you have a dishwasher it is a good idea to store the delph in cupboards close to it, this provides for ease of unloading and may encourage the younger generation to participate in the dreaded task! It works the same for appliances, for example the toaster should be kept as close to where the plates are stored as possible – this avoids crumbs being dragged across the room in search of a plate!

Lastly, bins, sweeping brushes and other cleaning products should be kept out of view if possible. These are generally unsightly and unpleasant dining mates, but you may not even see them if they are there everyday. If you do not have cupboard space for them in your kitchen, then leave them outside of your kitchen, even in the corner of a bathroom or other nearby room that is seldom used.

spruce up your kitchen storage

So we hope you found this helpful and can consider making a few minor adjustments to your kitchen storage and layout! Continuing on the theme of home storage and design, in our next blog post we will take a look at some of the new appliances and electronics that are on the market, which may spruce up your home!