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Storage for Hospitality Businesses

Nov 09 2018

The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, transportation, travelling and additional lines of work within the tourism industry.

A defining feature of this industry is its reliance on disposable income and leisure time.

In Ireland, the hospitality industry is valued at approximately three billion euro annually. It employs between one hundred and fifty and two hundred and fifty thousand employees across the country.

We are going to focus on the segment of lodgings, specifically within the hospitality industry and how hotels and B&Bs as businesses can maximise and optimise their storage space.

The attention of these businesses are predominantly focused towards the outward optics; the welcoming and eye-catching design of the lobby area as the guest first walks in, the layout of the bar and restaurant area, and the luxurious amenities on offer to guests.

The rationale behind this, of course, is to increase footfall by catching guests attention, to optimize customer experience so that they are inclined to return again for repeat business and to generate more revenue.

The back-of-house storage area is often left on the back burner then, as it is out of sight from clients. That being said, chaotic and cluttered storage areas inevitably lead to inefficiencies. It can cause delays, with staff wasting time searching for belongings.

While wasting time doing this, they could be spending more quality time with guests.  It can also cause tension and low morale amongst staff members, who become frazzled in this undesirable work environment.

hospitality storage

A more desirable storage system would mean that staff would not have to struggle with unpractical and inconvenient tasks on a daily basis.

By revamping and modernising how your business currently undertakes its storage function, this will enable you to enhance the service and experience you provide for your guests during their stay, while simultaneously speeding up task accomplishment and completion. It can also reduce the risk of employee injury cases and potential lawsuits.

Many of the items in storage for hotels are seasonal. In an ever-changing industry such as the hospitality industry, where competition is rife, its imperative to keep up with growing demands and on-going trends.

For this reason, displays at Christmas time have become more lavish, Halloween decorating has become spookier and Easter time celebrations have become bigger and brighter than ever before. It is because of this, that hotels have accumulated such a build up of items for storage during the course of the year.

christmas seasonal storage

But as these goods and displays are more often than not, very bulky in terms of size, and seasonal in nature, they are not needed in the hotel 365 days a year, but for only a specific proportion of the year. This is why it is highly advisable to eliminate this build up by storing it in an external storage unit when it is not in use.

There are multiple benefits to this. It frees up invaluable and precious space on site, which can be put to far more efficient use, such as for overflow excess guest luggage. It also is far more convenient in terms of inventory, as all of these items can be easily and swiftly accounted for.

Not only this, but it also reduces costs in terms of damages and items being broken while in storage because of being too tightly cramped and piled up on top of each other.

Another possible solution to alleviate the burden of storage for your business is a mobile storage and racking system. It is designed to tackle the short-term issue of luggage storage predominantly along with other belongings that need to be stored near the front desk for easy and quick access.

Shelves can either be added or taken away to accommodate for larger items that require more over headroom, or for smaller items that can be stacked on the shelves. Hanging rods can also be installed along with safety rails to prevent accidents and from items toppling over.

There are multiple benefits to installing this type of system in your hotel. The most obvious of these benefits is the more efficient use of storage space, as a greater number of items can be stored in less space.

There is also a faster turnaround due to easier and quicker access to stored items. There is much less risk of items being broken or damaged as this system provides far superior protection in terms of fragile goods. There is enhanced workplace safety for employees when handling heavy items.

Overall, this results in a better guest experience while also bringing with it improved employee morale.

Storage space can also be improved in the guests’ bedrooms. The modern traveller is looking for more innovative ways to store away their belongings, looking beyond the traditional wardrobe and dresser.

Many hotels are opting for luggage benches, reducing the number of drawers and designing partially open wardrobes. Shelves and drawers can be placed underneath beds and hooks around the room can also maximize space.

The layout and positioning of these storage solutions are imperative. For example, situating them near the bathroom, so guests have ease of access.

As lobbies and other amenities is where the focus of the hotel lies, and where the guest will spend the majority of their time, it is essential that the guest room is functional, efficient and as comfortable as possible.

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