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Storage-Savvy Kitchen Appliances

Oct 20 2016

On our constant search for innovative storage solutions, we have come across some fabulous new storage-savvy kitchen appliances which may interest those of you who are renovating or building a kitchen from scratch, or just have some parts of your kitchen that need updating. The latest inventions in the electronics world have storage and minimalism at the core of their designs – which is what we love to hear! The following are some of the appliances that caught our eye and why. As a follow on from our last blog post, the design of these new appliances will ensure that they do not becomes the centre-pieces of your home and attract too much attention!

First off is the brand new Neff “Slide and Hide” oven. This is really where the inspiration for this blog post originally came from. Spotted on a newspaper article, we were totally taken by the clever design and the consideration for a working kitchen with easy storage at the centre of its design. The oven features a “disappearing” door, which retracts into the oven itself. Ideal for any kitchen, but particularly for galley-style kitchens, it is not only practical it is also super stylish.

storage-savvy kitchen appliances

Fisher and Paykel have reconsidered the traditional dishwasher design. Rather than using a pull-down door, the dishwasher is made up of two drawers – one for glasses, cups and cutlery and the other for plates, bowls and saucepans, etc. Not only is this beneficial from a storage point of view, but also makes sense ergonomically. It’s easy to load and takes up a lot less space while loading and unloading. As well as this, it is also cool and modern and would fit right into a high spec kitchen.

Combination ovens are fast becoming a key appliance in many kitchens, especially for apartment living. The AEG combo model combines both the functions of a microwave and a grill into one sleek stainless steel design. This may suit a fast lifestyle where cooking is not a daily occurrence and eliminates the need for an oven, as it is likely that a hob will suffice as well as this device. If an oven is essential for your lifestyle then it may mean that you can consider an oven without a grill function, giving you some more space-saving options.

Integrate your appliances into your kitchen. Rather than having a stand alone coffee machine or microwave for example, these appliances can be built into your kitchen from the get-go which saves space and also removes the cluttered appearance of your kitchen work top. Again, AEG have a great range of these built-in kitchen appliances which are particularly to be considered if you are building your kitchen from scratch.

storage-savvy kitchen appliances

Although this blog is mainly considering new appliance design, another space-saving and stylish option for your kitchen may be to ditch the electric kettle and opt for an old-fashioned kettle that sits on the hob. Not only are these very fashionable and eye-catching, they also free up countertop space as they can reside on your hob.

We hope you have gathered some ideas from this post, and as always we love to hear your feedback in the comments below!