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Storage Tips for Loose Cables

Oct 08 2015

Are the spaces behind your television or under your desk a mindmap of wires and plugs?  Are you constantly tripping over cables in your office or games room? Wires can be difficult to keep neat and tidy and very are frustrating to sort out! 

In the event of an electrical or device fault it can be next to impossible to discern which wire goes to where. Like untangling the Christmas tree lights, the next-to-impossible task of unraveling your mess of cords is time consuming and frustrating.

Loose wires and cables will make any clean and tidy room look messy, with your eyes being drawn to the clutter of cables in the corner. They will give your home an unfinished and chaotic look.

We have come up with some solutions to keep your cables organized and tangle-free!

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Velcro cable ties are a good option for preventing your wires from tangling. They keep wires together and if you have lots of wires they can be easily arranged into groups, and even colour-coded!

Ziploc bags are an excellent invention for so many reasons! Something else they are useful for is storage of cables

! Loose cables that are often lumped into a drawer or press together, are highly likely to become completely entangled. To avoid this, place each wire into a Ziploc bag. The bags can also be labelled with what each wire is for if it isn’t already obvious. The bags can be returned to the drawer or press for storage. This involves minimal organisational effort but is very effective in reducing stress!

Toilet roll tubes are a very cheap and effective way of keeping your wires organized. Just thread your wires through the cardboard tube and voilà!

For those of you with lots and lots of cables, maybe in an office or workshop, plastic storage bins are a great option for large volumes of cables. Your cables are also kept off the floor, as cables tend to collect dust and are a pain to clean one-by-one, this will also keep your work space clean. Having them off the ground will also prevent damage.

We have even found some people who have displayed their loose cables as an interior design statement! This minimalist approach is very cool and would suit a modern apartment or home. Hiding them in plain sight, as such, creates a sort of wall art.

If mounting them to the wall sounds like a good option, but you’d rather keep your cords out of plain site, flatwire, is a new invention readily available across the US. It is used to conceal wires and can be painted over to match the colour of your walls. Although there doesn’t appear to be any Irish or UK resellers of yet, keep an eye on this product as it is a very handy way of concealing wires without having to knock down and rebuild walls in your home!

Earphones, headphones and phone chargers, are cables that we use everyday, that all have an innate tendancy to tangle! A way to prevent this is to make the wires more sturdy, which will make them less likely to intertwine. This can be done by braiding thread around the wires, much like making a friendship bracelet. It also gives your cables a cool and unique look! It is time consuming, and probably not feesable for large bunches of thick wires, but is a cool option for smaller cables.