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Storage Tips for your Bins

Sep 30 2015

Not a very glamorous topic, but nonetheless bins are something we all use daily – rarely a pleasant experience, usually a dreaded chore. For many of us, leaving wheelie bins outside the house can be very problematic: odours, pests and unsightly views but to name but a few. We have some storage tips for better storage of your bins.


A wheelie bin may not be the prettiest of garden accessories – but we all have them! Some of the problems encountered by many when leaving bins outside the home:

-Wheelie bins are unsightly and untidy.

-Odours and smells. An unpleasant bang every time you leave your home!

-Scavengers and rodents. Nobody wants to attract pests to the vicinity of their home. From rodents and foxes to swarms of flies in the warmth of summer, smelly bins will attract them!

-Leaving your bins outside your home also leaves them open for members of the public to use your bins to dump their rubbish. A regular occurrence in cities and suburbs, it is particularly annoying for those whose bins are charged by weight.

-Weather can be problematic for bins, particularly in winter when high winds can whip bins and turn them over, leaving rubbish and debris strewn across your front garden or street. Nothing worse than dashing out of the house for work or morning school runs and having to get down on hands and knees to pick up soggy rubbish!!

We have done some research and have found these great solutions to common wheelie bin problems:

Build a bin shelter. These are now part and parcel of many newer housing developments. With your bins in a shelter, odours are contained and bins are kept dry and sheltered from rain which promotes bad odours from forming. Erecting a shelter doesn’t have to be anything lavish, a wooden screen to surround your bins and give them some protection could be enough to prevent pests from getting at your bins, and the weather from disrupting your rubbish.

For a prettier option for your bins, HidBin are an Irish company that offer a cheaper and more flexible solution – synthetic hedging panels that will cover anything. Check them out:

Put a lid on it! To protect your bins against the elements you need to secure your bin lids closed. Bin straps are an Irish invention that are simple and easy to attach to your wheelie bin lid. They fit on all wheelie bins are very effective in securing your lids closed! Have a look at their website to see the range of products they supply for bin fastenings:

Minimising odours from your bin is important to prevent attracting pests and odours.  Here are a few things you can do to keep your bin clean and prevent bad smells:

-Place five or six sheets of newspaper in the bottom of the bin to catch any moisture and prevent waste sticking to the bottom of the bin.

-If possible, store your bins in the shade, out of direct sunlight to slow decomposition of waste.

-Wash your bin using an anti-bacterial disinfectant every two months to get rid of any residues and to kill off any germs and reduce any smells.

-Place fish and meat for disposal in a plastic bag in the freezer until the compost bin collection day. This avoids them decomposing and releasing nasty odours in between collections.

-Dispose of vegetable peelings or tea bags etc. in a compostable bag or wrap in old newspaper to help absorb some of the moisture.

-A great invention to get rid of odours is the Bin Buddy. Available from most supermarkets nationwide, a few shakes  into your bin bags will kill and repel insects as well as leaving your bins actually smelling fresh! Check out the full range of products for your bin here: Bin Buddy.