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The Storage World Gift Guide: What To Get Someone Who Has Everything

Dec 02 2016

We all have one of these people in our lives – impossible to buy for, literally has everything, a hoarder, a shopaholic. When it comes to this time of year, the struggle can be real for many who must buy presents for these people, especially if they are family members or significant others when a lame present just won’t do. So what to get someone who has everything? Storage World are here to help all of your Christmas conundrums with lots of advice for buying for the hoarder in your life!

what to get someone who has everything

If there is someone in your life that has closets, garages and attics bursting at the seams with stuff, you really should avoid adding to this chaos! It is highly likely that this person will have whatever it is that you are considering buying for them, or it will get tossed on top of the pile! Luckily, we have come up with lots of alternatives to adding to a hoarders stockpile!

How about an experience they won’t forget? Travel vouchers, a weekend away or a trip to a spa are all some alternatives to a tangible gift and they will not contribute to a chaotic home! The gift of experience and adventure is often overlooked and is generally a very welcome present and a lot more memorable than a physical gift. Tickets for concerts, plays or comedy shows are also great options. And if you’re not entirely sure what they’d like, you can buy vouchers online for lots of experiences and they can always choose themselves! Airlines, hotels and ticket outlets all have options to buy vouchers on their websites.

what to get someone who has everything

If the above suggestions sound a little extravagant for the person you had in mind, vouchers can extend to a wide range of simpler experiences. Many only consider vouchers for retail outlets, but you can buy vouchers for virtually anything! So consider getting them a voucher for their favourite lunch spot or coffee haunt as a sweet gesture.

what to get someone who has everything

You may also want to consider gifts that can be consumed – they bring great enjoyment and also disappear! – eliminating the chance that they’ll end up in a pile of mess! A nice bottle of wine, fancy teas, luxury chocolate, cheese or coffee are generally all good things to go for.

If you were considering a magazine subscription (very old-school!), why not try an alternative subscription to a food or beauty company such as Glossybox or the My Ireland Box. These are companies that are producing these gift boxes which can be bought on subscription for a number of months. The gifts can generally be used as well as appreciated and are less likely to contribute to clutter!

And finally, if you really want to help out the hoarder in your life, why not buy them some extra storage! A self storage unit may be just the remedy for their overflow of stuff and may be the best present they could receive! Drop us a line if it’s something you’re considering.