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Take the Stress Out of Moving

Jul 06 2015

rsz_5f7649370bMoving home is more stressful than a divorce, a relationship breakdown or even a new job, according to research.

It’s an exhausting process,  involving moving and setting up your life somewhere else, new schools, new service providers, on top of packing everything you own into boxes!

There is no way to avoid the stress of a move entirely but the process can certainly be handled in a way so as to eliminate unnecessary stresses.

Your move should be embraced as a happy and welcomed change. Read the following tips and incorporate them into your moving process to reduce tension and unbearable strain.


Plan ahead
Moving is hard work and very time consuming. It is recommended to begin the packing process several weeks in advance of your move out date.

Ensure you acquire good packaging materials such as boxes, bubble wrap and tissue, tape and markers.

Categorise rooms and items and divide the workload starting a couple of weeks in advance by gradually divide all items into categories a few weeks before your move.

Begin packing the things that are not essential for daily life as soon as possible to decrease workload in the days coming up to moving.

Label every box with what is inside. Make sure to write on each box the room you want it to go to. It is a good idea to number boxes in the order that they should be opened. The highest numbered boxes can be unpacked first and should contain essentials that are needed immediately once you arrive at your new place, for example basic kitchen set-up, bathroom supplies.

Boxes that are packed well in advance of your move could be placed in a self storage unit until you are ready for your move so as not to have them clogging up your current home.


Get Help
Time to cash in on debts owed and unreturned favours! Enlist friends and family members for a few hours a day – “many hands make light work!”

Or try bribes –  a pizza and a beer at the end of the day will make it worthwhile for anyone!


Set a schedule
Make a schedule for all of the activities required for your moving process.

Do not leave everything to the last minute!

Set tasks for the weeks and days leading up to the moveout date so that the list is not overwhelmingly long a few days beforehand.

Set important dates in your calendar or smartphone, that way you’ll be more likely to stay on track with your schedule and you’ll have a good idea of what is left to be done in the days before the move.


Take time for yourself
Make sure to eat well, exercise and take some time for yourself during your moveout preparations.

Make sure that moving to your new home is an exciting and joyful time. Plan ahead and aim to meet your schedule targets.

Of course the final days and moving day will be highly stressful but don’t let the stress impact on your life and mental health. Take breaks from the work. Go for walks. Take breaks. And relax every now and again!


Some simple tips for the day of the move:

Take breaks. Sit down and enjoy a cold drink. Get some fresh air. Don’t let the task overwhelm you.

Pack an overnight bag – for the night you move into your new place. Include all the usual things you would bring for an overnight stay somewhere – pyjamas, toiletries, change of clothes, chargers. That way you wont be stressing when you cannot find which bags your things are in!

If you are downsizing and not willing to get rid of many of your items but won’t have room for them in your new place, a self storage facility is a great option for you! We also supply all the packaging material you need for your move.