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The Future of Self Storage?

Feb 14 2016

With advancements in services across all industries taking place at a very fast pace, it is no wonder that the self storage industry is hot on the tails of other service industries when it comes to providing an up to date service.

Convenience is the key to a successful service. Time is precious for consumers in this day and age.  A time-consuming, time-wasting service is not going to be appealing to the consumer of 2016.

Most successful services today have an online element, a “touch-of-a-button” convenience factor. It’s about time the self storage industry followed suit.

A relatively young industry, only taking off in the 1960s in America and later still here in Ireland, it has not changed a whole lot since its beginnings. Its evolution to keep up with 21st century advancements is therefore, timely. 

In the past year, the first self storage companies with “on-demand” storage facilities are appearing in the US. What “on-demand” self storage offers is a way of getting rid of stuff from your home or office, without the hassle of having to do it yourself! It saves time and is virtually stress-free – a winning combination for any service!

These storage companies have designed apps and websites where the customer can order containers in various sizes right to their door. They then request a pick-up time that suits them for the self storage company to come to collect their filled containers for removal to the self storage facility.


Simple, yet genius, the idea of “on-demand” self storage makes perfect sense for the modern life. People of today live their lives online. A service that can be offered via an app is bound for success.

StorageWorld is one of the few storage units in the country to boast an inner city location, convenient and easily accessible for our customers. Would adding a new online dimension to this, further add to customer convenience?

On-demand self storage is the self storage industry taking a leap into this generation. Is this something that you could see taking off here in Ireland?