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Tips for Newlyweds Moving In Together

Mar 01 2016

Any brave women out there buck the trend and take the leap year into their own hands? If you felt the love in the air and popped the question yesterday, you’re going to need to change your living arrangements!

For any newlyweds or newly engaged couples out there who are planning on moving in together we have put together some tips to make this a smooth process!


If you both have your own homes, it is likely that you will now have double of everything – duplicate couches, tables, pots, pans, etc etc. It is now time to morph two lives into one! So how do you decide what stays and what goes? -without reaching for divorce papers! – Never fear Storage World is here to help!

Firstly you need to cleanse! You know there are belongings and furniture of yours that you are prepared to live without or that you truly dislike and would be happy to donate to your local good will shop. Go room by room and decide on the things that you don’t need to keep. If items are broken and are beyond repair they need to be dumped.

Now you need to decide on the items you want to keep. Again, go room by room and make a list of everything you intend on holding on to. Categorise these items according to the room they’re in and whether they need to be transported in boxes or as is. Your partner must do the same.

Next is the fun part – you need to compare the lists!

There’s bound to be overlap between you and your partner’s lists. Decide which version of everything you are going to keep and delete the duplicate from the list. Be honest in your discussions about what stays and what goes, a good way to decide is to keep the items that are in better condition or that are newer, this goes without saying for kitchen appliances for example.

Decide what you are going to do with the items that you have deleted from the list. Some good options for the surplus stuff include donation, sale or storage.

And what about that hideous heirloom?! Be tolerant if your partner is insistent about wanting to keep something you do not find particularly aesthetically pleasing. It is likely that this item means a lot to them and they want it to become part of the new space they share with you. Discuss openly and come to an agreeable compromise if necessary.

Your consolidated space may not be big enough to keep all of your beloved things. If there are some items that you’d rather not part with, but are not practical keep in your shared home, a self storage unit is a great option. A range of sizes to suit a variety of needs, it may help you or your partner part more easily with your items!