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Tips for Sharing with a Roommate

Aug 06 2015

With rental prices continuing to soar in Dublin, as well as the extreme lack of accommodation in general, sharing a room may be a situation you find yourself in. The trend of Airbnb rentals is rising. At present, young professionals are crippled with the cost of renting in Dublin. Sharing with a roommate is certainly something worth thinking about, and it is a lot kinder to your bank account!

For many, this is not the ideal scenario, with the lack of personal space and privacy a big deterrent when rooms to share come up for rent. Should you find yourself in the position as to be left with no choice but to share, or have decided that your social life is seriously suffering on account of your monthly rent payments – we have some tips on how best to get on with it!


It’s an excellent way to substantially cut down on your costs of living.

If this is your first time sharing with a roommate, you may be nervous about this new venture. It is an intimate situation and definitely not for everyone, but it can be great experience, with the opportunity for great friendships to be made. And also the chance to work on many virtues, including patience!

It is important to learn to co-habitate the space. Everyone’s living, cleaning and co-operating habits are different, and these really come to light when sharing a room and a space with another person.

When sharing with a friend or someone you already know, you know what you are getting yourself into. When moving in with a stranger, it is unknown territory.

Here are a few tips to help you settle in and improve the cohabitation arrangement between you and your roommate:

Get to know each other: It is important to establish a friendship with your new roommate. Make an effort to get to know them. This will help in avoiding conflict and in establishing boundaries. Make arrangements with regard to payment of bills and services, sharing or segregation of food in the fridge and use of appliances.

Respect the other person: Make them feel comfortable in their own home. Coming home to you should not be stressful! Respect their beliefs and the potential differences between you. Respect their belongings and possessions and never tamper with their stuff, eat their food from the fridge or use their things, without asking!

Be open and honest with respect to what is/isn’t expected from your roommate. If something is bothering you, it should be addressed immediately. This avoids long standing gripes and establishes an understanding for the other’s needs and wishes.

Keep shared spaces and appliances clean. Ensure all windows and doors are locked when you leave the house to ensure the safety of both you and your roommates belongings.

Maintaining a neat and tidy room is essential for a good relationship. You now have half the room you had before, intuitively you will now only be able to fit half of the stuff. Overspill of your stuff into your roommate’s area may be a source of conflict. Sharing with a roommate may be a temporary arrangement for you, until you the time is right to find your own place. It does not necessitate throwing out lots of your belongings. A self storage facility a great option for your overflow of things. A unit can be rented for a small price each month and ensures your things are safe until they can be brought out again.


In summary, to ensure your experience of sharing a room is an enjoyable one:

–       Be open and honest with your new roommate at the offset.

–       Establish a friendship and respect boundaries to avoid conflict.

–       Downsize your stuff in line with the decreased space you will now have.

–       Be flexible and open-minded in relation to this new venture.

–       Remember – patience is a virtue!