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Tips For Living In A Small Bedroom

Jan 06 2017

Are you a college student? Living in a rental accommodation? Have lots of children at home sharing rooms? Having a small bedroom can be problematic. At some stage in your life it is likely that you will have the experience of living in a small bedroom or sharing a bedroom. It can be difficult to contain all of your belongings in a small space. A cluttered and messy bedroom can add to stress and irritation and is not a comfortable place to reside.

Because your bedroom is your personal space and the area in your home where most of your personal belongings are stored, a small space can make life difficult. Your bedroom should be the place where you can go for some peace and quiet and some alone time. A messy and chaotic space is not conducive to a peaceful time.

We have put together this blog post to provide advice for those of you struggling with a small bedroom space. There are lots of things you can do to optimise this space, including the use of storage boxes, to make your room more comfortable and relaxing.

living in a small bedroom

The first solution we came across is having a console table in your bedroom. This can be used as a dressing table and even as a desk for the college student that cannot fit a desk in their tiny space. These really are very handy in a tiny room and can be slid to the bottom of the bed when it’s time to hit the hay. We found these available from Ikea.

The back of your door should become your new best friend. Do not miss out on this great opportunity for storage space and hang a rail or hooks for storage of coats, scarves, towels and whatever else you can manage. The same goes for your wardrobe door.

If you require a desk in your room but do not have enough space, make your bedside locker your desk. Bedside lockers with legroom underneath can be purchased from Ikea.

Another great hack, is to get your hands on some bed risers. By raising your bed up a couple of inches you now have space to store shoes, clothes, books and more under your bed. You can easily slid storage crates under your bed and it can hold lots of stuff.

Add a second rail to your wardrobe, to double the space available. This provides you with two rails for hanging your clothes which makes a big difference – believe us!

To keep things off the floor installing some shelves is a good idea. But make sure they are not in the way where you may bang your head!

And how about a mattress caddy? – We hadn’t heard of it either! When we started researching for this piece we came across so many unique storage solutions for bedrooms! A mattress caddy hangs conveniently from the side of your bed and provides extra storage space. Mattress caddies are available from Amazon.

Rather than use a wardrobe, a hanging rail can save space without having to have a bulky structure in your room. The catch with this is that you must be extra tidy as you do not have anywhere to shove your overflow of belongings!

We hope that this post has helped anyone struggling with living in a small bedroom. Comment below and let us know if any of these ideas worked for you!