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The Most Underrated Areas To Store Stuff In Your Home

Apr 06 2017

Sometimes storage solutions are obvious, like cabinets, dressers, drawers, closets. Sometimes you have to be a bit more creative to “find” more ways to store your items, especially if you’re apartment living and struggling with space. If you are struggling with storage space in your home you have come to the right place. Believe it or not, there are loads of hidden storage spaces already in your home. We will outline them here.

Under the bed. There is really a lot of storage space available under a bed with a frame that is lifted from the floor and it should be taken advantage of. Using storage boxes is important to ensure that mess doesn’t spill out from under the bed. This is a great place to store scarves, hats, bags and other seasonal clothing items to free up space in your wardrobe.

storage space

Above your head. Shelves are an excellent and completely underused storage solution in homes. To avoid them getting in the way, a good place to put shelves is above doorways. A single floating shelf above a doorway can be used for books and other items that are not required on a daily basis.

Your linen closet does not have to be used solely to store what it is traditionally supposed to. If the towels, bed linen and toiletries are pushed to the side it is likely that there is lots more space for other things in this storage space that is often overlooked. Folding towels tighter and stacking linen and towels higher will also free up more space.

Under your coffee table. Decorative baskets or boxes can be placed under a coffee table, or magazines and books may be stacked under there also – ensure they are neatly stacked so that they don’t look messy or cluttered

Kitchen cabinets. Another storage space that is typically under-used. Many people do not take full advantage of these spaces. They be especially idle when busy lifestyles means that not a lot of food is cooked in the home. Just because these cabinets are not storing food does not mean that they should go to waste! This is a great place to store office supplies, holiday decorations and seasonal gear. Squeezing more stuff into each cabinet is also bound to set aside space for less conventional items to be stored in kitchen cabinets.

Your windowsill is a great place to stack books. By stacking books under coffee tables and on your windowsills, this may free up space in a bookshelf if you have one – which is great! Your bookshelf can be filled with decorative boxes which can be filled with small items for storage.