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Use Your Spare Room For Storage or AirBnb?

Sep 08 2017


Do you have a spare room in your house or apartment? Want to weigh up your options to put this to the best possible use? Then keep reading,  you will find an outline of  the many ways  to use a spare room in your home.


Whether you own or rent your home, it goes without saying that every inch of space is valuable. The current situation with the property market means that people are paying above the odds for their properties and this means that space counts! And how you use any spare or extra space in your home really matters in order to get the most from your home.


Many people use a spare bedroom as a storage room. And it makes sense – in your day-to-day living, a spare room is not a place that is ever really used. It is logical, therefore, to make the most of this space and keep the more regularly used living area free from clutter.

Spare bedrooms serve well as an overflow for wardrobe space, and other items that may not fit in the rest of your home. Because this room is in your home, it means that you always have instant access to whatever you have in storage there. In comparison to using an offsite self storage unit for storing your excess items, storing these in a room in your home is certainly cheaper and makes use of all of the space you are paying for in your home.


But what if there may be a better way to use your spare bedroom than as a storage space? There may even be ways that you can bring in income from your spare bedroom, which can offset the monthly cost of your mortgage or rent.


Airbnb is the accommodation rental platform used by 400,000 visitors to Ireland’s capitol in the last 12 months according to The Irish Times.  This phenomenal new dimension to vacation accommodation means that anybody in the world can facilitate visitors in their homes and turnover a healthy profit for their offering.While it may feel like a sacrifice to open up your spare room to guests, there are huge benefits to be reaped.


The average income to individual hosts from sharing a home with visitors was reported at 4,900euro last year. This is a substantial amount of money which can certainly go a long way towards offsetting high rental prices or mortgage repayments. Aside from the financial gain, there is also a huge potential to meet new and interesting people from all around the world. It is up to you how much engagement you want to have with your guests, but if meeting new people is something you enjoy, then the benefits of renting your spare room multiply!



If you are interested in the legalities of Airbnb income, you can find out lots of information from Citizens Information here



In order to facilitate Airbnb rentals in your home, you must first clear out your spare bedroom. The room cannot be used as a storage space if you are expecting guests to pay to stay there. This may necessitate renting a self storage unit to store your excess of stuff. You can do the maths to weigh up the costs of renting a self storage unit, versus the potential gains of regular rental of the room – our maths certainly points in the direction of financial gain with Airbnb rental!


Renting your spare bedroom on Airbnb is not for everyone, so it is a good idea to do some research and try to speak with some people who have tried it. If making better use of your spare room is something you’re interested in, then it is certainly worth a try.


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