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What to Know about Building a Storage Unit

Jun 28 2017

Have you ever considered creating extra storage space for your home? For most of us, the amount of things we can store in our homes may be limited. It is a good idea, therefore, to start thinking outside the box and consider storage outside of the home. Whether this be renting a storage unit or erecting your very own storage space outside of your home, the benefits are free space and less clutter in the home.

Maybe you are already renting a storage unit to store large items, so why not consider creating some more storage space at your home for some smaller items? This blog post details what it takes to create a storage facility at your home, as well as the advantages it has for your home.

Why Build Your Own Storage Unit?

Creating space in your home is always a good idea. Vast areas in Irish homes are wasted storing items that are not used from one end of the year to the next. From attics to guest bedrooms, these spaces are regularly full to capacity with bags and boxes of unused items. This may be deemed an unnecessary waste of living space which could be put to better use if items are moved for storage elsewhere.

It is important for people to think differently about home storage solutions, and realise that storage outside of the home may be the way forward! But how do you build a storage unit one may ask?

Building Your Own Storage Unit

Firstly, you need space to build your own unit, i.e. it is essential to have a back garden or some space by your house for this unit. An apartment balcony may also be suitable for a smaller locker-sized unit. In the same vein, if you have a small back garden, this should guide the size of unit that is appropriate for your garden so as not to takeover the area!

A garden unit can be anything from a locker to a large garden shed. However, a unit or some shelving space may also be added in your garage.

It is of paramount importance, of course, that you consider the weather when building your unit! It is essential that the unit is water-tight and air-tight to prevent dampness and rain water from getting in.

When choosing a unit, any good garden centre should have a range of sheds in varying sizes with staff available to advise on what it might be safe to store inside.

To store your things efficiently and to get the most out of your storage unit, it is important that your items are packed and stored correctly. This is essential to not only optimise space in your unit, but also to ensure that your items are kept in mint condition while in storage.

It is recommended to pack smaller items in boxes and the use of bubble wrap or newspapers to wrap more delicate items. It may also be a good idea to use plastic bags and vacuum packs to ensure weather-proofing! Plastic lining to cover the floor and inside of a shed may also be necessary depending on what you are storing.

Advantages of Building Your Own Storage Unit

  • Storing a portion of your items outside your home is a great way to better utilise the space available in your home.
  • By storing items right at your back door, you can access your items whenever you want and there is no requirement to travel elsewhere which may be time consuming and inconvenient.
  • Having storage at your own home is both economical and cost effective.