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Which Storage Size Suits Your Needs?

Apr 18 2017

If you are considering renting a self storage unit, you may have a number of questions on the different storage facilities available. It may seem confusing at first when you are trying to quantify the size of storage facility that you require. It can be difficult to conceptualise the amount of space required for the belongings that you wish to store. Fortunately, we are experts on all things related to self storage and have outlined below some more detail on how to decide on the size of a self storage unit for your needs.

Storage facilities can range from 10 sq ft to 250 sq ft and everything in between!

How to Choose a Size of a Storage Unit

It is understandable how it can be difficult to decide how much space you need. Firstly, it is essential to quantify exactly what it is that you plan to store. Set aside all of the items that you wish to store. When they are grouped together in an area it may be easier to see the amount of space that they take up.

It can also be helpful to try to load the items you wish to store in your self storage unit into your car. Assessing whether the amount of stuff you wish to store is capable of fitting in the boot of your car in one go is a helpful measure of the storage requirements for this load.

You should also consider how you want to store the items in the storage facility. Are the items stackable? If the items are delicate you may need more space in the unit to facilitate this rather than having them stacked or packed tightly when there is a risk that they may break.


Storage World have 8 different sizes of units at our storage facilities. The smallest of these is the 10 sq ft unit. It is the shape of a large locker but it is quite impressive the amount of items that it can hold! When packed full, this size of unit can hold the contents of a small van load. Our largest unit is 250 sq ft in size. This is a very large unit and can hold the contents of a large 5-6 bedroom house. With all of the various sizes we have to offer it is likely that we have an option to suit your needs!

A size estimator is the best place to look when trying to consider what size of unit you require. It shows all of our units and also outlines how much can fit in them. It describes the amount that can fit in by van load and also shows various images of what the unit looks like when packed with items or with just a few items inside. Visuals are a great way to try to work out what can fit into a unit and these images are very helpful.