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Why Should You Use Self Storage Facilities?

Apr 18 2017

Self storage is a relatively new phenomenon in this country, but it is a concept you may be coming across more and more. If you are not sure what it is all about – when might a self storage unit be a good option? or why you should consider using a self storage facility? – then we are here to answer all of these questions!

What Storage Options are Available?

Personal self storage can have many advantages to you and your home. There are numerous reasons why a self storage unit can be beneficial to a household. It serves as an overflow for your belongings, a place to store valuables or precious items that you do not have a daily use for, it may be a great way to store sports equipment that is taking up lots of space in your home. The possibilities for your self storage unit are endless but if you feel that there are items clogging up your home, then a storage unit can solve this problem!

Students are a particular cohort that are likely to benefit from the use of a self storage unit. With the transient lifestyle of a student moving between rental accommodations and with the typical summer months spent travelling, a storage unit is an ideal solution to store belongings over the summer period. There are many benefits of storage for students including:

  • 24 hour security
  • Hassle-free option when travelling home for summer

Self storage units are also very useful for businesses. They can be used to store:

  • Stock
  • Equipment
  • Archives
  • Products
  • Seasonal items

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Advantages of Self Storage

Space — A self storage unit can be used to create space in your home. More space may be required if, for example, you are starting a family and need to clear a room to make space for a new baby. Another use for extra space in your home is to start a small business in your home – for example a yoga studio, an art room, or even renting your spare room out for some extra income.

Moving home — There may be a number of reasons why your home is no longer suitable for you. It may be too big, this may be a reason you are downsizing, you may have reached retirement age and no longer have a family living with you. Moving home is another great reason to look into a self storage facility. It provides a means of transferring belongings between two locations. There are no contracts associated with self storage unit rental, so it can be rented for as long as needed and to suit your exact needs at the time. If you are downsizing, a self storage unit can offer a place to store belongings that will not fit in your new home but that you do not want to part with.

Size — Self storage units come in numerous shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of needs.

Easy access — Self storage facilities provide easy access to your belongings with regular opening hours and weekend opening hours.

Security — Your items will be safe and secure with individual locking systems, as well as alarms and CCTV on site.