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Your Child’s Bedroom

Mar 12 2016

Is your baby quickly becoming a toddler and about to outgrow their nursery? Is it time for your son or daughter to graduate to a big kid’s room? We have put together some helpful tips for parents for making the transition from crib and nursery to child’s bedroom.

Your child’s room needs to be a space where your child can have some privacy and is safe to play without supervision. Now that your child is a toddler they have some more independence and you can have a tiny bit more time for yourself. Ensure that your child’s room and the surrounding space is safe for your child to be unsupervised. For example, if your child is unsafe near stairs, ensure that these are child-proofed with gates that they cannot open.


For decorating your child’s room, it is important to keep your child in mind. Think about what they like. From colour schemes, to themes to most especially fabrics – young children love to touch and feel and often enjoy particular sensations.

Kids also like colours. Have your child participate in their new room by giving them some choice in the colour scheme. You should always think ahead and into the future. If this is going to be your child’s room for the foreseeable, be sure that the colour scheme is something they can grow up with and will not grow out of too quickly – this will also save you further renovation costs!

Many things are easy to update, however. Ensure that you don’t fork out on expensive pieces to suit your child’s theme. For example if your child loves trains, then a duvet set, lampshades, rugs and wall art are easy and cheap to replace when you want to go for a more sophisticated theme when they are older. You are not likely to get value for money from buying expenisive pieces for your child’s room, they’re tastes and interests are going to change quickly! A simple duvet cover is, however, very easy and pocket-friendly to change and upgrade.

Ensure things are low to the grouQIV7VQGW7Knd so that your child can reach them, without toppling shelves-worth of teddies and dolls. In the same vein, make sure there is nothing in the room that can injure the child. Some things you may not think of include – drawers and chest lids – traps for fingers! Sharp edges and corners on furniture are a no-no, particularly as your toddler is likely to be unsteady on their feet – try to find furniture with smooth edges.


We recommend asking friends and family members who have older children – they may have furniture that they are looking to get rid of that would suit your child. Small beds and miniature stools chairs and desks, for example. These are quickly grown out of, but are necessary for your child to feel at home in their room. Ask around before you purchase as it is quite likely that you will know someone looking to off load!

Some essentials for your child’s room:

  • A bookshelf – for bedtime stories and a place for your child to start their own collection when they begin to read themselves.
  • A chalkboard – chalkboard paint is really great stuff! – you can paint an old piece of furniture like a table with chalkboard paint. This provides hours of endless entertainment for your child and you can admire their daily creations! Chalk is also easy to clean from walls and other surfaces. Avoids the need for markers and pens – which are lethal to walls everywhere!
  • Endless storage is imperative in your child’s room. You need to have shelves and buckets and bins for toys and books. It must be easy to throw things into boxes so that the inevitably messy space can be quickly cleaned up without much hassle. You also need a place to put away toys so that they won’t distract your child at bedtime.

The transition from nursery to bedroom will also necessitate a storage space for the crib, dressing table and other baby ware. You may not want to sell it on if you are planning to expand your family. A self storage unit is a great idea in a situation like this. Things that you do not need in the present should not be taking up extra space in your home and they can easily be fetched from your unit when you need them in the future!