Warehouse Storage vs. Self-Storage – Which is Best?

In general, business owners never commonly associate storage of their products, inventory or equipment with self-storage, but rather jump to considering renting or buying warehouse space.

Although this may be the only feasible option for large-scale businesses, for many other small and medium enterprises self-storage solutions offer a much more desirable option in terms of both price and additional benefits.

Price Benefit

You want to avoid paying for excess and unused space offered by a warehouse. Paying the substantial cost of rent to cover the sheer scale of the premises as well as extra maintenance costs will be huge and can be easily avoided.

There is a common myth that self-storage units are too small to cater for business needs. However, a self-storage unit provides many more advantages in terms of both the flexibility of size and payment methods.

Unlike being locked into the commitment of a long-term warehouse lease paying for space that you most likely will never have the capacity to get full use out of, self-storage works on the premise of a flexible monthly agreement.

This means you can avail of it for as little or as long as you like, in accordance with the expansion needs of your business. This provides the benefit of using self-storage for whatever particular phase your business is going, whether this is an expansion, storage of seasonal goods, or temporary storage of goods due to renovation.

This will save the time and hassle of searching for warehouse space that offers short-term contracts or knowing what you’ll do if you no longer need the warehouse space in the future. Self-storage provides the simplicity and flexibility your business needs to thrive and succeed.

Ease of access

Another great aspect of self-storage is that they are located in central locations. Our storage units are conveniently located in central locations in both Dublin and Limerick.

Warehouses, on the other hand, tend to be situated much further afield in less convenient locations due to their size. Our locations are close to the city centre which is key for businesses dealing with trading their products on a regular basis.

It means your business won’t clock up expenses such as road mileage and diesel costs in terms of traveling long distances on a regular basis merely to have access to your goods.

Security benefit

It is not uncommon for warehouses to be the focus of burglary or robbery incidents due to their remote locations, lack of security surveillance, or not being monitored on a regular basis.

At Storage World, we provide 24hour CCTV monitored security along with coded gates and frequent monitoring of the premises. The safety and protection of your business products is our main priority and so we have installed the highest quality security systems to prevent unwanted break-ins or thefts.

We ensure that only you have the authority to access your storage unit so that you’re not relying on a member of our team, so you can carry on and prioritize business as usual.


Warehouses are commonly opted for as a solution to business storage needs due to the fact that they can be used for a vast majority of reasons. But the same too can be said for storage units.

Self-storage units can be used for the traditional business needs of stock management, tracking and trade item storage and also can be used to cater to start-up business needs.

No matter what line of business storage you require, our units at Storage World provide a simple and effective solution to cater to your evolving needs.


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