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Using Self Storage for your Retirement

Jun 21 2015

rsz_1rsz_cvg5cht04fAre you or a family member struggling with the upkeep of your home? Are daily tasks and chores becoming unfathomable?

Maybe it’s time to downsize? There may be a more enjoyable retirement to be had in a more suitable sized home. Sure it was perfect for raising the kids and keeping the pets, but now with only one or two of you living in it, your home is becoming a strain to keep in check.

There are great benefits to be enjoyed from downsizing:

Decrease home maintenance: the upkeep of an older home is demanding at the best of times, and is not a way you should be spending the rest of your days.


Improve quality of life: The stress and strain of maintaining a large home for house proud individuals may be a consuming and an unnecessary burden. By deciding to downsize, you may regain a new lease of life! You now have the time to focus on more quality things and you can enjoy your life.


Start a new chapter: maybe in a new neighbourhood, maybe closer to local amenities, maybe you’ll have lots more free time to enjoy hobbies when you’re not taken over with home maintenance.


Lower the cost of living: It is at immense expense that a large home is kept running. A less modern home is also likely to be energy inefficient, with high bills and extra maintenance costs. Downsizing your home, could mean more trips abroad or to visit family. Hard earned pensions should not be poured into the upkeep of a home, they should be enjoyed by those who worked so hard to earn them!


Decrease stress and anxiety: It is important to enjoy the remaining years of life and to be comfortable and happy. If your home is a constant source of anxiety for you, you are likely to be unhappy and also to fall ill more easily.


It may be a safer choice: If you live in a remote area and are vulnerable, intruders may become a problem. Falls and injuries are also a source of worry when manoevering around a larger more clumsy space.


Downsizing does not mean you have to get rid of all your stuff and all your memories. Why not store them in a self storage unit? They can be accessed whenever they are needed and they will not be causing a clutter or an obstruction in your life!

Pack what is not immediately needed into boxes and be sure to label them. Help will be on hand at your self storage unit to unload and fill up your new unit. You will have access to the unit whenever you need. You will not have to worry about them and you can be happy in the knowledge that your items will be safe and secure with 24-hour alarm systems and CCTV cameras.

A fresh start in a new place without having to leave the memories behind – if this sounds appealing to you then do not hesitate. Restart your life!