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Starting in College II

Sep 18 2016

This is the second part of our two-part blog feature on college accommodation, with particular interest for college students moving out of home for the first time. The last post focused on the types of accommodation available and how to secure them. This post will highlight some of the advantages of living on campus for the first year student, and will also provide tips for what you need for your college accommodation.

Firstly, why chose to live on campus? If you are a first year college student moving out of home for the first time it is really a no-brainer. Spending your first year on campus is a wonderful experience. It provides a step between living at home, and living in rented accommodation. It is safe, with most of them having their own security personnel and supervising team during the night. Generally, all utilities are included in your rent price and also you will only have a nine-month rental agreement, which means you won’t be left trying to sort out a twelve-month lease when you are abandoning it for your J1 summer plans!

Aside from the convenience of it all, living on campus provides the first year student with a community which facilitates new friendships and social experiences. Moving away from home can be scary, particularly if you are going without your school friends. Living on campus should alleviate this anxiety somewhat to begin with as you will forced to meet people, starting with your new roommates!

So don’t be “too cool” for campus – it is a brilliant experience for your first year away from home!

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And now for the question of what to bring to college.. It doesn’t matter what type of accommodation you are living in, you will need to kit it out. We have put together a few essentials that you will need to survive your year at college.

Your accommodation is likely to be small, so try to be minimalistic when it comes to what you bring for your move. As much as you may aspire to be it is unlikely that you will be tidy. The hectic life of a first year college student is not conducive to cleanliness or organisation, and a cluttered room will not help this.

You will need bedding, towels and cleaning supplies for your accommodation. Photos are nice to hang on bare walls to make the place more personal. There’s no need to splash out for all of these necessities either, with Penneys and Dunnes stocking great and affordable homeware collections.

For your kitchen you will need all the basics, including plates, cups, bowls, cutlery and some basic cooking equipment – we recommend one frying pan and one or two saucepans. These should be more than adequate for your culinary needs. As far as appliances go, your accommodation should be equipped with a microwave and a kettle. The George Foreman grill has been a staple for college students countrywide, and it really can be a lifesaver for the challenged cook! As far as your wardrobe goes, we recommend packing seasonally to save space in your apartment.

Most of all make sure to enjoy the experience! Hopefully these tips will help to take some of the stress out of the move – leave a comment and let us know if you have any tips that you can share with other readers!