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Student Storage Solutions

May 24 2015

rsz_e0f31a37adCongratulations! If you’re reading this and you’re a student you’re more than likely basking in the post-exam session freedom!

The next step to the summer is to move all of your stuff out of your student accommodation.

All the major universities have wrapped things up until September, with many of their students abandoning their term-time abodes for the promising shores of America and beyond. Whether your J1-ing it this summer or not, if you’re moving out of your student accommodation your stuff has to go somewhere.

If you’re an international student, you are likely in the process of returning to your home country for the coming three to four months.

If you are a Mammy, you are probably dreading the trip to the dingy apartment for the big clean and move-out!

You may be finding it impossible to part with the traffic cones, road signage and various other memorabilia of  loose student nights out in Copper Face Jacks, you may have a whole host of items you’d rather not ship home to your Mammy, but which are not worthy of dumping either? – your impressive collection of empty vodka bottles perhaps?

And not to forget the reems of paper, books and folders from all the “study” you were doing all year – better not throw those out! – they may come in handy if repeats are on the agenda in August!

Let’s face it – all of this stuff takes up a lot of space! It’s been your life for the past 9 months and now it all needs to go somewhere.

Not to worry! There’s a very easy solution to this problem.

Ever thought of renting a self storage unit for the months that you are away? Your things will be exactly as you left them.

Particularly ideal for foreign students, it is really a smart idea for any and all students who won’t be remaining in their college accommodation throughout the summer months. Your priceless items will be under lock and key (and 24-hour CCTV and alarm systems!) and so will remain safe until your return.

Why go through the hassle of bringing all of your stuff the whole way home for the summer? Dragging parents up to your university to spend unnecessary hours packing your stuff into the boot of the car, all to turn around and travel back down the country.

There is a hassle-free option! Most self storage facilities can even provide a removal service to transport your things for you. Lots are also offering student storage packages and deals.

Consider a student storage option and save yourself and your Mammy the hassle. Have a great summer!